About us

About us

Safta Bee was founded on the realisation that there was a genuine need for high-quality beekeeper clothing that would protect the beekeeper's skin from stings.
We manufacture beekeeping suits, gloves, and other protective clothing, as well as provide beekeeping services and products.
Our beekeeper protective clothing is designed with the advice of professional beekeepers and manufactured to the highest standards by our own team of experienced professional machinists.
Safta Bee has created and sold the best beekeeping equipment available to beekeepers worldwide. We can provide you with the necessary equipment and information to be a successful beekeeper, whether you are an experienced beekeeper or a new hobbyist.

Before they are added to our catalogue, all of our designs are tested by commercial beekeepers.

Our Commitment

Our products provide excellent protection, comfort, and quality that has been demonstrated to last for many years. Our suits are designed to provide the best protection and comfort possible and should be a loose fit to allow you to stay cool and move freely while working your bees in the apiary. Our sizing allows for clothing to be worn underneath because they are classified as workwear.

We are confident that when worn with the appropriate accessories, our suits will provide you with the best protection and confidence in the apiary. We believe that customer friendship is essential to the success of our company.

To better serve you now and in the future, we must constantly improve our products. We value honesty and integrity and are committed to providing excellent customer service.

We will continue to introduce new and innovative products for the beekeeping industry through ongoing research, development, and listening to all of our customers. Your comments will be greatly appreciated. Please send us an email and tell us about your experience.